Pitched Roofing

Our roofing services include strip & re-sheet, strip & re-felt, overroofing, flat to pitched roof conversions, rooflight replacement, electronic leak detection, tile effect roof sheeting and liquid roofing.  Whatever your requirements, we have the experience and the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Advanced Roofing Services offer you a wide variety of easy-to-fit, low maintenance roofing options with superior thermal performance and fire ratings.

We provide value-engineered solutions by working closely with our customers to design a new roof system that works for your business.




The two fitters you sent were both courteous & polite at all times. Each sky light was taped off before work commenced, the site was left clean and tidy each day. Waste material was removed promptly and a good explanation on why the rooflights were degrading was also helpful to myself.

Mark Russell, Manufacturing Engineer Assembly, Pyroban Limited.

Rooflight Systems

A multiwall polycarbonate system was used as part of a complete refurbishment at Alperton Bus Station, North London.

The old rooflights had deteriorated to such an extent that the lighting inside the garage had to remain switched on at all times, both costly and wasteful.  The format of the old continuous rooflights was a duo pitch, it was decided to utilise a barrel vault format with Sun Modul.  This was achievable due to the self carrying nature of the system which incorporates steel glazing channels.

The overall effect following the installation was dramatic and at long last the lights could be switched off during daylight hours!

Strip & Re-sheet Asbestos Roof

Our staff are fully qualified for work with non-licensable asbestos including NNLW in accordance with Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.  Advanced Roofing are specialists in the replacement of old asbestos roofing with the latest high efficiency insulated composite roofing systems.  We will discuss with you the most viable roofing options and factor in your budget, energy consumption and future maintenance requirements.   All work is carried out in accordance with HSE guidelines and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Did you know that if you are a registered UK Company and pay Corporation Tax you can claim 150% of any costs incurred for removing, replacing or controlling hazardous asbestos against your taxable profit? 


Tile Effect Sheeting

This lightweight roofing system comes in a range of beautiful colours and can be fixed to a roof pitch as low as 5°.

Advanced Roofing Services will replace an old slated or asbestos roof.  It is easy to fix, fast to install and vandal proof. It has an extremely tough and durable roof coating, which is noise resistant and gives an attractive finish.

Fully dry fixed it comes with a large range of accessories to finish off any roof.


Due to problems in old asbestos cement and latterly fibre cement profiled roofs and their roof lights, it has become common place to ‘over sheet’ the existing roofs with a spacer system and profiled metal sheets or GRP sheets that can match the existing roof profile.  While the new roof coverings may be non-fragile they hide a roof that is fragile and contains asbestos which at some point will need to be dealt with – even if only at demolition.  Reasons are threefold: expensive & hazardous roof removal & disposal is avoided, additional insulation can be installed & it is not necessary to stop production internally if the work is planned & executed carefully.   Over roofing is a cost effective, accepted method of providing a new roof with minimum disruption to your business. Over roofing can be applied as a standing seam/secret fix system especially suited to low pitch roofs or in a traditional trapezoidal profile.

Our team have carefully planned & successfully installed numerous over roof systems.   For more information on the various options available to you contact our experts for more detailed information.

Flat to Pitched Conversion

Installing a flat to pitch conversion is simply a matter of fitting a lightweight steel structure over the existing roof. This allows operations inside the building to continue unhindered during installation.

After your roof refurbishment only minimum maintenance is required.  The tenants will also notice a reduction in heating costs due to the improved insulation.

The flat to pitched conversions are carried out using a site adjustable, site installed dead load structure. This means that the kit and prefabricated designs will cater for the dead load weight of your chosen new roof.

Safety Line Installation

Most roofs will require regular access for maintenance of the roof, gutters or roof mounted plant or equipment.  Advanced Roofing Services will supply and install a horizontal roof safety line system providing restraint/arrest incorporating austenitic stainless steel posts with brackets and Slyder personnel device.   The system will come with 1 set of standard personnel protective equipment comprising of full body harness, integrated personnel catches and restraint lanyards.

In accordance with BS7883 and EN795 we are able to design, install, commission and annually inspect a bespoke horizontal lifeline system to suit any roof.

Working with us

We will work with you to provide a roofing system that works for your business and meets your long-term needs.

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