The replacement of existing rooflights or the incorporation of new rooflights can result in a significant increase in natural daylight which in turn can result in a considerable decrease in lighting costs.

New research proves conclusively that rooflights can save energy in many applications.  Rooflights can offer a dramatic reduction in a building’s total energy consumption and the emissions of CO2 associated with this energy use. A naturally lit interior will save money, provide a more pleasant environment people want to spend time in and contribute to our joint goal to reduce emissions of CO2.

Rooflights will enhance your work environment and reducing energy costs.  Old rooflights are often found to be a major cause of water ingress.

Advanced Roofing Services operates as an independent from all UK rooflight manufacturers. Our surveyors offer sound and impartial advice on the most suitable roof lighting systems

It should be noted that artificial lighting can be responsible for up to 50% of energy consumption in a building without rooflights.

Advanced Roofing Services are able to offer many innovative solutions for your requirement for natural light.

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