The cladding of buildings is one of the most expressive, inspiring and complex aspects of building design.

An appropriate way to classify metal-based cladding systems is by the method of manufacture. Most systems fall into one of two categories: – profiled sheeting, or composite sandwich panels.

Profiled sheeting used in cladding applications is one of the most common systems and has been in use for many years utilizing metal sheeting with trapezoidal, sinusoidal or half round profiles fixed to the steel structure of a building.  Cladding panels can be produced in many different profiles which can be laid horizontally or vertically and can be manufactured from prefinished steel or aluminium in a vast array of colours; providing a wide choice of aesthetic finish.

Composite cladding panels offer the option of a flat or micro rib finish in addition to the trapezoidal profiled sheeting as described above. The insulation in these panels is applied at the factory and is sandwiched in-between the lining face and the weathering face. This can result in faster build times and a smoother finish to the cladding element of the building envelope. They have the additional advantage of achieving the required u value at a lesser thickness.

Advanced Roofing Services are highly specialized in this field and are able to offer our clients an endless combination of materials, profiles, finishes and colours to give the building a totally unique and individual look.

Given the increasing complexity of buildings envelopes, wide range of available materials and improving performance standards, a new discipline of facade engineering is emerging that treats the facade with the same care as services and structure.

We at Advanced Roofing Services fully understand that our cladding systems are not just about rails, panels and flashings but also about a totally integrated solution to the problems associated with each individual project. Our designs ensure that each of our systems is tailor-made to suit each application.

Details are undertaken at all junctions of the system with the structure. Various door and window reveal flashings are accommodated into the design solution to produce the package the client requires.

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